drawing the banal

drawing the wall - a kind of hyper-realism

layering transparencies


observational drawing in water.

drawing as a "field of reactions" (amy sillman)

vizualizing the forces that make up composition.
how a mark on one side of the page can effect the other.

drawing sound: Vivaldi, Four Seasons, winter x 2. copy.jpg copy 2.jpg

Vivaldi, Four Seasons, winter.
each 'movement' a different colour.

editing the image of a drawing

massive carbon dioxide buildups break through the glacial ice covering the world.
endless explosions; the bipolar earth.

excavating colour (the prehistoric earth)

sterile continents, single-cell organisms huddling around the submarine volcano fires.

the age of proton-gradients, pre-photosynthesis, oxygen poisoning the life on earth.

mineral fires, spinning magma, vast magnetic fields