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oil on canvas white_v2.jpg sontag.jpg

the fragility of the moment. constant disintegration.

does painting indeed "save the image from oblivion" (Anja Bjerger)? - what does painting do? v thin_v4.jpg

oil on canvas

the image drifted up like alcohol from the almond-rum tarte

'clear spirits'

"Johan Ludvig Runeberg and his wife Fredrika Runeberg" (1846)
source: Society of Swedish Literature in Finland

i cannot read his poetry but by her i've been fed.
(intoxicated, delighted.) v thin_v6.jpg

'to watch life careen, out of control, under delayed-gratification and latent genetics. and ghrelin!
- yet somehow the riverfish manage their time.'

oil on canvas v thin_v4.jpg

oil on canvas v thin_v8.jpg

medical colors v thin_v5.jpg

after AdomaitytÄ— (technique study)
acrylic and spraypaint on canvas board v thin_v7.jpg

vacation painting
acrylic and spraypaint on canvas v thin_v9.jpg 2.jpg

'Congratulations! Your broker account has been activated!'
acrylic on canvas v thin_v10.jpg 2.jpg

I can't sing
oil on canvas v thin_v13.jpg v thin_v11.jpg

El gran varon
oil on canvas v thin_v12.jpg

Heaven & Hell Falls, WA
acrylic on paper
for open day livestream

in situ at Gil's house <3 v thin_v10.jpg

sketches after 'worst work' v thin_v21.jpg