Magie / Ritueel (Magic / Ritual)
collaborative installation with Lennart Heiner

art history book passed down to Len from his grandmother - still full of her notes.

book, 3d printed sculptures to scale.

gene transfer, from deep-past and near.

'Notes Towards a History of Scaffolding'

Griechische Originale (Greek Originals)
plastercast of book on Greek sculpture

re-created page from Len's grandmother's book.

is it more, or less real than the reproduction?

Afb. 15. Horse, from Vogelherd-cave.
Ca. 28000 B.C.

Afb. 17. Bison, from La Madeleine at Les Eyzies (Dordogne).
Ca. 15000-10000 B.C.
Reindeer antler

Afb. 16. Venus of Willendorf.
Ca. 25000-20000 B.C.
Stone 2.jpg

the scaffolding - arts or crafts?

Afb. 18. A sorcerer spears kangaroos, indigenous painting from West-Arnhemland, North-Australia.
Ca. 1900.

"Een tovenaar spiest kangaroes"

celestial slide
metal, marble, paper, graphite.

re-creation of 1st year physics experiment, launching marble over & over onto carbon paper. using the average of all dots to calculate the force of gravity. The more dots, the more accurate.

which is the 'original'? the first? the most predictable? the average?

the idea that through reproduction we move towards truth.

the playfulness of nature, of random variation around a theme.

readymade, frame.

The Tree of Life
acrylic on canvas, packaging.

Darwin's idea that the profound diversity of the natural world is not the result of ingenious design,
but a simple mindless algorithm, repeated again and again over millenia.

is the paint-by-numbers reproduction of Morris' 'Tree of Life' then more valid than the original?

Magie/Ritueel (Magic/Ritual) v thin_v14.jpg

more text still to be completed.